Farewell Flight Service  
                   Aerial Ash Scattering

About Us


The Young family has four generations of pilots dating back to the 1950’s. Farewell Flight Service was started by Marlon Young who is our chief pilot. Marlon is commercially rated and has been flying for over 30 years and has logged over 2,000 flight hours. He primarily uses the Family’s 1954 Cessna 195 for the scatterings, that the Young family has owned for 25 years. His father Harry has been flying and maintaining this airplane since the 1970’s. They can also use a 1967 Champion for specialty locations. Marlon has owned the Champion for over 20 years.

Harry is also a licensed pilot and a FAA certified aircraft mechanic. He performs all of the maintenance on the aircraft. Marlon’s son Nick hopes to get his license on his 17th birthday. He assists in the technical and computer needs of the business, planning the flights and getting the permits and paperwork in order.

Marlon is also an attorney and partner at Merrill, Arnone and Jones, LLP. His practice includes Estate and Wealth Planning, Trust Administration and Probate. It was from working with his clients that he realized the need for an ash scattering service that could advise his clients, and when necessary scatter their loved ones remains. The expansion into scattering of cremated remains and ashes was a natural combination of his legal profession and his love for flying. The ability to include his son was an additional benefit. Marlon can also be reached at myoung@majlaw.com or you can get more information from visiting the firm's web site at www.majlaw.com.