Farewell Flight Service  
                   Aerial Ash Scattering

I have slipped the surly bonds of earth and have danced the sky on silver wings.  Sunward I have climbed and done a hundred things you only dream of. . .  (Adopted from 'High Flight" by John MaGee)


Farewell Flight Service brings closure by taking your loved one to their final resting place. We offer a dignified scattering of your loved one’s ashes from the air, primarily using a beautifully restored 1954 Cessna 195. The final journey will be memorialized for you with a picture taken at the time the ashes are set free and a certificate with the location that includes the GPS coordinates of where the ashes were scattered.

We can personalize the service and tailor it to your needs. A friend, family member or clergy may participate in the flight. A memorial Fly-By may be arranged, or at some locations the scattering may be witnessed from the ground.  A special song can be played at the time of release, or we can read a short poem or verse. 


One of the most popular selections is the California coast at a location you chose. Scattering over land can be accomplished with permission from a park service or the property owner.

Farewell Flight Service can scatter your loved ones ashes at a variety of locations in California.  It can be a location that has a special significance or meaning to you, or we can suggest a special place. The service will be accomplished in a peaceful and dignified manner.